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Best Education Startup South Summit - Startup Competition 2022
Best Innovation Project in Career Guidance PIOP Awards, Bosch Group and Bertelsmann Foundation 2022
Member Digital Skills Coalition European Commission
Expert in Jobs of the Future COTEC Foundation
Recognized in the Jobs 2030 Framework Forética
Most Innovative Startup Award Sek Lab 2021
Most Investable Startup Award Sek Lab 2021
Best Startup for Employability Innovation in Company Awards 2021
EdTech Startup Award SEK Lab Awards 2020
Best EdTech Startup GESAwards Spain 2020
Best Digital Education Startup Lánzate EOI Orange 2020

The reason for our success

High employability

We only recommend jobs and studies with high employability
We are the only ones who know +3000 jobs of the future to recommend. Although many of you do not know them, they all already exist and have guaranteed high employability. Forget about recommending jobs that will cease to exist!

Jobs that you like

We only recommend jobs and studies that you like
We do not only recommend what has "professional outlets" but also what you like. We are able to know your interests better than yourself, because we give a lot of importance to what you like to do. Study what you like!

We nail your profile

With our test it will be clear what you like and in an online way!
Our test has been designed to identify your main interests even if you do not have them clear! It is designed to be done online, so no meetings or face-to-face interviews are necessary.


"Focusing on the need that each student will have, to choose a degree with a future and also to know a wide range of studies that are surely not yet known, I think it's more than enough to stop and think about the importance of our guiding role as parents and teachers. Want to know more? Don't hesitate."
Enrique Escandón

Director of Alameda and Archangel International School (Top 5 Best Schools Spain 2022)

"Today we had a meeting at home with the experts from Singularity Experts [Advanced Orientation] to discuss our son's report. It was a very productive meeting and the tool and the report generated are a great instrument for academic guidance. Highly recommended 👍."
Pablo Osma Rodríguez

Director ESO-Bto., IB Diploma Programme Coordinator at Arcángel International School.

"The evaluation model of Singularity Experts is supported by tests that have been designed and checked by recognized psychologists and researchers of great international prestige. Therefore, the profiling of their tests has total psychometric validity."
Laura Rojas-Marcos

Ph.D in Clinical and Health Psychology

"Elena, thank you very much for the guidance work you have done with my son. Spectacular in all senses. Recommended -almost mandatory- for all kids when it comes to deciding what they want to do for the rest of their lives."
Miguel Angel Valera


"Singularity Experts is one of our main partners in the area of vocational guidance. Five Lands helps, guides, and prepares students who want to pursue a university degree abroad. The vocational guidance that Singularity Experts gives to our students is excellent and is giving amazing results since all the students who perform it find their path easily, thus being able to define the best plan for them. Thanks to Singularity Experts we can give a better and more complete service to our students."
David Morera

CEO & Founder Five Lands

"Six months ago, I was in my last year of high school, not knowing what I wanted to do with my future. It has been a privilege to have the help of these professionals to help me discover my possibilities and what will make me happy in the future world of work. A thousand thanks!"
Lydia I. Lloyd

1st Year LEINN Degree Student

"Singularity Experts not only helped me to know the future jobs that best suit me according to my skills and tastes, but also helped me to know better my different capabilities thanks to the tests they gave me at the beginning. I recommend Singularity Experts to any person of my age who is not clear about what they want to do in the future, and even to those who do know, because they present you with options that maybe you had not thought of." (Testimony from her son)
Diego Alconchel

Business Development Director at Car Opcion

"We are delighted with the report, it has been very helpful. I think it does a lot of good for parents and children who are currently so undefined. For me it has been a huge relief, and the curious thing is that it has also been for my son, as it has awakened his interest in his future that he did not have before. The truth is that this is priceless, eternally grateful!"
Fernando Mª Ramos Suárez

Managing Partner DPO&ITLAW, S.L

“Singularity Experts has hit the nail on the head with a growing problem that nobody had solved until now. After trying the product, I decided to invest in the project because it's a service that works and more and more people and companies are using it for both orientation and re-skilling, thanks to word of mouth.”
Luis Ferrándiz

Senior Digital Advisor & Professor

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