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We provide you with the most up-to-date expert knowledge on the market, on the jobs of the future and the necessary training.

Be ahead of the curve and capture the competitive advantage.

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We design customized strategic consulting projects.

The technological revolution is transforming everything: studies, companies, professional profiles. The impact of technology will completely reshape work. Jobs will disappear and new ones will appear that are impossible to fill. This is not a forecast, it is already happening.

The market is demanding new languages such as the. computational and the humanist. And capabilities to robot-proof, such as critical thinking and creativity. We have an unprecedented opportunity to anticipate the future.

For you to win in uncertainty.

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Discover some of our projects.


Project "Castro Urdiales Smart People 2020-2039"

Municipal project that identified. 26 new jobs that will be in demand by the public sector, with the responsibilities, functions, skills and knowledge required for the same, as well as a new updated organizational model of what the Administration of the future will look like.

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Project "Future Jobs for Smart Cities and Tourism Destinations"

Project that identified 46 jobs of the future for smart cities and tourist destinations. The objective of this project between SEGITTUR, Cotec and Singularity Experts was to boost innovation in the tourism sector and smart tourism destinations in particular.

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Project. "Jobs and training for the university of the future"

Project whose objective was to determine what training, both in form and content, this university will have to market within 5 years to lead the market. In this project, we anticipate the jobs of the future and the training courses that will respond to these jobs.
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Project. "Software for strategic prioritization of training offerings"

Project whose objective was to generate a software capable of performing a dynamic prioritization of trainings, based on business-related criteria, to make successful decisions on the design of training offerings before the rest of the university institutions, and thus be ahead of the market.
(Confidential client)

Who are our projects aimed at?


To anticipate the training that will be most in demand in a few years, and to be able to start creating it to be ahead of other educational institutions.


To anticipate the job opportunities that will best suit the people they assist, as well as the training they should provide.


To identify the jobs that will provide the greatest competitive advantage in the near future, and thus train employees.


To identify the jobs that will provide citizens with the greatest employability, as well as the training they need to qualify for those jobs.


Why We?

There is no one more expert in the future.

Singularity Experts is the Education sector's most awarded jobs of the future platform, which aims to increase people's employability by guiding them only to jobs and studies with a future. Its unique methodology has recently been published in the book " ¿¿Tu hijo aún no sabe qué estudiar?". Its founder is an expert member in "Jobs of the Future" of. The COTEC 100(foundation that promotes innovation), member of the Advisory Board of the Hermes Institute (a foundation that promotes digital rights), member of the Advisory Council of Cibercotizante (Collective that promotes robotization and employment) and a collaborating member of the ERGON Foundation (foundation promoting the future of work). In 2021 Singularity Experts collaborated in the Playbook 'Towards Personalized Education: How Technology Helps You Personalize Education', the first publication of HAZ, Alianza por la Educación, a platform that seeks to transform society through education. He also participated in the Funcas documentary New Jobs, showing the challenges of the labor market in the face of technological transformation, as well as the skills that professionals must develop to access the jobs of the future. Singularity Experts is also a regular contributor to the section. Jobs of the Future section of Expansion and Employment. This company has been researching the jobs of the future for more than four years, which has made it the 1st and only company in the world to have a mapping of more than 3000.