School of Advanced Orientation

Get to know all the keys that will allow you to update your orientation for the 21st century.

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Updates essential knowledge for the professional orientation of the 21st century.

Introductory session (free of charge)

Introductory session of the entire course, so that traditional counselors can see for themselves the need to change the paradigm of academic-professional guidance.

Complete course for counselors

For traditional counselors to be trained through the most complete course in counseling, discover all the keys and become EXPERTS IN ADVANCED COUNSELING.

Modular courses for counselors

For traditional counselors to focus on training in those specific aspects of ADVANCED COUNSELING that they most need to update to the training and professional reality.

To whom it is addressed


Guidance counselors, tutors, teachers, school principals, university directors, etc.


In charge of preventing early school dropout among vulnerable youth and improving their employability.


Human resources managers, talent experts, facilitators,
coaches, recruitment, etc.


Teams in charge of education, qualification and employability of citizens.

Complete course modules for counselors


What you will learn



Introduction: we take you on a walk through 2035
In this introductory session you will come to the conclusion that we need a new paradigm for career guidance. Discover the main keys to change.



Why does traditional guidance no longer work?
Is it really so much harder now to choose studies and jobs than it was when our parents did? Yes, it is: find out what is making this decision so complicated.



When you want to help someone choose studies and jobs, don't start by talking about studies and jobs.
Find out how to discover people's talents: the first thing to know in order to make successful decisions.



People are no longer going to occupy a "corporate position", we are going to play a "professional role".
Find out what each person's purpose is to ensure professional fulfillment in the new job landscape.



If there is one thing that is clear, it is that, whether we like it or not, we are all going to work with technology.
Find out which ones offer the greatest opportunities and discover which ones are the best fit for each of us so that we can train ourselves in them.



That the jobs of the future have not yet been invented? Of course they exist and, what's more, they have increasing employability.
Find out which ones fit each person and help them get ahead of the future to make successful decisions.


Become an advanced orientation expert

What is included:

Get with your training 1 free orientation pack + 1 advanced orientation expert certificate.


Video sessions


Orientation pack as a gift


Unlimited question resolution


Lifetime access


Expert Certificate

Special bonus:
Includes a Basic Pack from
Singularity Experts.
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Special bonus:
Includes a Flash Pack from
Singularity Experts.
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Help your teams understand the future

We design customized training sessions

Our face-to-face courses are aimed at schools and universities, as well as companies, foundations and public institutions. After these sessions, people will understand in a simple way the changes that provoke the rethinking of their work and will give answers to many of the questions they ask themselves every day: Is my job threatened? what are the new ones that are going to be created? where are the opportunities for professionals of "letters"? how is the training offer changing?

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Surprise your audience with a shocking glimpse into the future

We are experts in the impact of technology on the world of employment and education.

For this reason, we organize lectures, seminars and talks at events, companies and educational institutions that want to shake consciences and open the audience's eyes to discover in a practical way how the world is changing, and how they can - and must - anticipate it in order to capture all the opportunities that arise.

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Meet the author

Elena Ibañez

Founder of Singularity Experts

Elena Ibáñez is INFJ and founder of Singularity Experts, the most awarded vocational guidance platform in the Education sector, whose objective is to increase people's employability by guiding them only towards jobs and studies with a future. She is the author of the book " ¿Tu hijo aún no sabe qué estudiar?", expert member in "Trabajos del Futuro" of Los 100 de COTEC, member of the Advisory Board of Instituto Hermes, member of the Advisory Board of Cibercotizante and collaborating member of Fundación ERGON. In 2021 he collaborated in the Playbook 'Towards a Personalized Education: how technology helps you to personalize Education', the first publication of HAZ, Alianza por la Educación, a platform that seeks to transform society through education. She also participated in the Funcas documentary New Jobs, showing the challenges of the labor market in the face of technological transformation, as well as the skills that professionals must develop to access the jobs of the future. She is a TED Talker and a regular contributor to the Jobs of the Future section of Expansión y Empleo. She was selected Top 100 Women Leaders of Spain in 2020 and 2021. She is also Board Member of the W Startup Community and Advisor in several startups. Always linked to the educational and business world, she previously developed her career as a Strategy and Digital Transformation Consultant in firms such as McKinsey, KPMG and EY (Ernst&Young). She has been researching the jobs of the future for more than three years, which has made her the 1st person in the world to have a mapping of more than 3000. She is also the mother of a space engineering student, the inspiration for Singularity Experts, who will develop his career in a field that does not yet exist.