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How Singularity Experts works

Artificial intelligence applied to the job orientation of the future

Our AI algorithms make the perfect match between each employee's unique profile and the training and future jobs that will suit him or her best.

Innovative profiling model

The Singularity Experts platform measures over the course of 4 hours, and through a battery of online tests , the potential that stands out in each employee.

Complete advanced guidance report

The company and the employee receive a complete report with the areas of activity they should focus on, the training they should receive and the soft skills they should develop.


Testimonials from professionals

“The assessment model from Singularity Experts is based on tests designed and validated by renowned psychologists and researchers of great international prestige. Therefore, the profiling of their tests has complete psychometric validity.”
Laura Rojas-Marcos

Ph.D in Clinical and Health Psychology

“Singularity Experts has hit the nail on the head with a growing problem that no one had solved until now. After testing the product, I decided to invest in the project because it is a service that works and that more and more people and companies are using both for guidance and for re-skilling, thanks to word of mouth.”
Luis Ferrándiz

Senior Digital Advisor & Professor

Benefits for companies

The virtual, the artificial, the software, are eating the world. It is normal for us to think that there will be changes that we cannot even imagine.

Effective orientation in outplacement situations

We identify in an effective and personalized way, the jobs and training that make the most sense for each employee, ensuring the success of their next professional step.

Did you know that...?
73% of the time employees are paid for will soon be automated (McKinsey Global Institute).

Identification of talent for the company

We help to identify the exact combination of skills that meet the profiles, to identify precisely the similarity of candidates with what is required in each job position.

Did you know that...?
More than 50% of Spanish companies are finding it difficult to find the right candidate to help them meet current and future challenges.

Corporate differentiation in social benefits

We propose a differentiating social benefit, which helps employees to successfully mentor their children, while they become aware of the need for digital training for themselves.

Did you know that...?
1/3 of Spanish university students abandon the degree they had chosen due to a poor career choice (we have the highest university dropout rate in Europe due to poor orientation).

Internal employee outplacement

We help to identify, in a personalized way, that new place -both in the company and in specific projects within the company- where employees can contribute their maximum potential, as well as the re-skilling in knowledge and skills they need to acquire to develop it.

Did you know that...?
All professionals will need 101 days of extra training (World Economic Forum).


What do employees get?

Web report + pdf

We deliver a complete interactive report for viewing on the web + a 50-page pdf, with all the information necessary for an informed and infallible decision making process.

Test results

Detailed results of the profile, compared to the population average, from an intellectual, competency, computational, emotional, values, sectors, technologies and professional interests point of view.

Soft skills assessment

Report the soft skills the employee needs to develop for the future of the job.

Recommendation of jobs with a future

Recommendation of the jobs that best fit the profile, with detailed description of functions, requirements and evidence of employability potential.

Training route

Academic itineraries for each of the future jobs, including details of courses as well as programs focused on improving soft skills.


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We conducted a pilot with real employees so that you can check the performance of the tests and the accuracy of the results.


Collaboration model

We agree on the collaboration model with the company: we have different models such as scaling, platform licensing, SaaS licensing...


Training and Certification

We train your company's Training and Talent Teams and certify them in Future Orientation.



We start testing employees and generate reports.

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