Does your child still not know what to study?

Discover with this book everything you need to know to help them choose the perfect future job for them.
In this book, Elena Ibáñez explains to parents, with numerous examples, the four steps they need to take to help their children:
  1. What information parents need to know about their children before recommending certain studies or others to discover it together.
  2. What are the roles of 21st-century jobs through real professionals, with key information to identify our children's life purpose.
  3. What will be the main technologies that our children will have to work with.
  4. What future jobs present the greatest employment opportunities for our children.

Your children have come to the point of choosing, and it is not easy to make a decision, neither for them nor for 78% of Spanish students. Half of the students who do know what to study choose traditional professions, but some of them will disappear in the coming years. And one out of three students in Spain does not finish the first year of the chosen degree.

Why? Because new professions appear every year that neither young people, parents, nor sometimes guidance counselors know about. Because the offer is immense both in university degrees and vocational training programs. Because schools face the difficulty of having few guidance counselors.

What can we do? Face the problem from a more effective perspective and apply tools that work, such as the Singularity Experts methodology, a platform awarded by the main guidance and education agents.

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Thanks to her deep knowledge of the job market and vocational guidance, Elena Ibáñez dismantles the main beliefs that are causing wrong choices, life frustration, and dropping out of education.

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"You have in your hands a very useful, enriching, and practical tool that can help those who need support in finding their path. With a friendly and simple style, Elena shares lessons and guidelines that serve as a guide to clarify doubts and explore future professions."
Laura Rojas-Marcos

Doctor of Clinical and Health Psychology, therapist, researcher, writer, and speaker

"Parents have a great influence on their children's choice of a career path, a topic that concerns the majority. That's why Elena Ibáñez's book is so recommendable, as it introduces the reader, in a rigorous and entertaining way, to the multiple aspects that need to be considered to support and constructively accompany children in their career choices in an increasingly technological and complex world."
Clara Bassols

Director of the Bertelsmann Foundation

"At the end of the 20th century, knowledge doubled daily, and now growth in all areas is exponential. This confirms what all studies indicate: by 2030, 50% of existing professions will have disappeared, 85% of them do not currently exist, and as this trend continues and strengthens, how many of these new professions will still exist in 2040, 2050...? This means that our students will have to learn, unlearn, and relearn continuously. That's why it is essential to advise them so they can know their capacities, aptitudes, and strengths and thus adapt to any circumstances that arise in their lives. This book is an essential tool to help and guide our students of today, professionals of tomorrow, to decide which role they can best develop in a future job market that is as changing as it is attractive."
Luis V. García Álvarez

President of 3A Schools (Alameda International School, Arcángel International School, and Ábaco School)

“Essential and magnificent analysis of the new challenges that as parents and counselors we must face to help in the choice of studies of our children and students. From a totally new perspective that considers the areas of highest demand in the immediate future, aligned with the interests and purposes that move young people in life.”
Luis Madrid

Director of Agora Madrid International School and Agora Lledó International School. UN-accredited Specialist in International Education.

“Does your child still not know what to study? is a suggestive title, but in my opinion, this book goes far beyond answering this question, because Elena has dared to analyze the connections between skills and training routes and jobs of the future with the idea that what has been studied will turn the student into a flexible, adaptable professional capable of reinventing him or herself. It is in this aspect that this work is key because it is courageous in defining the jobs of our immediate future and the best way to prepare for them.”
Javier Rodríguez Zapatero

Founder of ISDI-Digitalent Group (School of Business and Technology for the digital era).

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