Find out which cybersecurity profile is yours and what to train for it, in less than 4 hours and totally online.

We are the 1st and only platform in the market that identifies your ideal profile within the cybersecurity area and indicates the right training for you. Created by the leader in guidance, Singularity Experts and MyPublicInbox, the jobs are developed and validated by Chema Alonso, and the recommended trainings have been designed by him, based on his experience.

The unemployment rate in cybersecurity is 0%.

The demand for skilled professionals in the field of cybersecurity has skyrocketed in the last 6 years, with a 300% increase compared to the overall IT job market.

Our guarantee

All Singularity Hackers cybersecurity jobs have been developed and validated by Chema Alonso, one of the best known Spanish cybersecurity experts worldwide, founder of Informática 64, ElevenPaths and 0xWord, recognized and successful companies in the field of computer security, hacking and cybersecurity. In addition, the training paths for each job have been designed based on their experience, so the training we propose to you is endorsed by professionals with extensive experience in the area of cybersecurity. Discover more advantages:


Analysts such as Gartner predict that 60% of businesses will suffer a service failure due to the inability to deal with digital threats. As a result, the growth of cybersecurity has been unstoppable for years. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that, in order to protect businesses and workers, cybersecurity employees should increase by 62% in the coming years. The global Cybersecurity market is worth $173 billion and will grow to $270 billion by 2026. In Europe, it is estimated that the sector will create around 350,000 jobs in this field. The unemployment rate among Cybersecurity professionals is currently 0%: get trained in Cybersecurity and secure a job for life.


When we talk about cybersecurity, we are not only talking about hacking. There are many specializations whose tasks are carried out by professionals with very different profiles: CISO, Bug Bountier, Red Team, Cyber Intelligence... We are the only platform that has the complete catalog with all existing cybersecurity profiles. These jobs have been co-developed and validated by the renowned Chema Alonso, The world's leading Spanish cybersecurity expert. Stop being recommended for cybersecurity jobs that don't fit your profile!


Our profiling model is the only one that measures both traditionally assessed skills and those required for the most promising cybersecurity jobs. We are able to know you better than you know yourself, because we analyze you by giving equal weight to what you "can", what you "know" and what you "want" to do.


Our analysis tools belong to the leader in editing and marketing of assessment instruments, have been designed by renowned psychologists and have full psychometric validity. These tests are designed to be taken online, so no face-to-face meetings or interviews are necessary.

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Singularity-Hackers Pack

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  • Battery of self-awareness (5 tests)
  • Recommendation of the 3 cybersecurity jobs that best fit you, including description, duties and growth.
  • Complete academic itinerary for each of the recommended cybersecurity jobs.
  • Interactive report in which you will discover a unique experience
  • Full report in pdf to download, print and share
  • 100 tempos of MyPublicInbox for free

Here's what those who have tried us say

"“The assessment model from Singularity Experts is based on tests designed and validated by renowned psychologists and researchers of great international prestige. Therefore, the profiling of their tests has complete psychometric validity."

Laura Rojas-Marcos
Ph.D in Clinical and Health Psychology

"As a developer with a keen interest in cybersecurity, the report has provided me with a roadmap to follow to improve and strengthen my skills and become more specialized in positions that will be increasingly in demand."

Fernando Oteros
FullStack Developer at MyPublicInbox

"For a Fullstack Developer, cybersecurity must be one of the pillars of his knowledge. It is essential to properly manage the value and privacy of data."

Eduardo Quintás
FullStack Developer

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