Behind Singularity Experts

Singularity Experts' team is made of prestigious experts recognised in different areas: psychology, education, guidance, jobs of the future, recruitment, exponential technologies, engineering, and consultancy.

Elena Ibáñez

At the head of the project is Elena Ibáñez, elected as one of the Spain's 100 Women Leaders for 2 consecutive years, named "Expert in Jobs of the Future" by the Fundación COTEC's panel "Los 100 de Cotec," and a TED Talker. She is member of various councils as the Advisory Council of Instituto Hermes (Spain), the Advisory Council of Cibercotizante, and the Fundación ERGÓN. She contributed to the playbook "Hacia una educación personalizada" ("Towards a Customized Education",) published by HAZ, Alianza por la Educación (Education Alliance). She also participated in the Funcas documentary "New Jobs," to show the new challenges of the labor market with the technological transformation. With a background in education and business, she previously worked as a Strategy and Digital Transformation Consultant at firms like McKinsey, KPMG, and EY. She recently published the book "¿Tu hijo aún no sabe qué estudiar?" ("Doesn't Your Child Know What to Study Yet?".)


Friends and collaborators of Singularity Experts

Fundación Bertelsmann

Singularity Experts works in line with the Xcelence guidance quality framework promoted by the Fundación Bertelsmann.

Singularity Hackers

Chema Alonso is one of the most worldwide renowned Spanish experts on cybersecurity and founder the most famous and successful companies in IT security, hacking and cybersecurity. He worked with Singularity Experts to create the first market platform able to strictly guide within cybersecurity, the only area with 0% unemployment.


Singularity Experts and Fundación Bertelsmann work together in the comanagement of the new tool MyWayPass. Its aim is to provide an initial guidance service for educational institutions and young people.

Grupo Anaya - Henko

The leading educational publisher in Spain, Grupo Anaya, has chosen Singularity Experts' advanced guidance platform as a key tool for Henko Orientación, its new educational service for academic and vocational guidance, pioneer in this area in Spain.


The famous blockchain platform, Vottun, works alongside Singularity Experts to certificate the users' skills through badges (certificates and recognitions) that are impossible to counterfeit for universities and companies, easy to distribute, and much more secure and durable.

Talent Hackers

Singularity Experts is the Official Recommender of Talent Hackers, the IT talent selection platform. Both companies work together to connect the certified skills profiles by our platform with the best fitting market vacancies for them. This eases the job opportunities for Singularity Experts' users in this emerging and growing market.

UC3M University

The prestigious UC3M University, thanks to its Language and Computer Systems team led by José María Álvarez Rodríguez, has collaborated with the engineers at Singularity Experts on the Artificial Intelligence model that powers our platform.


We work with CICAE, the main association of independent private schools of national scope and international projection. We share the aim of promoting educational debate, acting as an engine of innovation, making proposals, and sharing initiatives and ideas that increase the employability and happiness of our students.

Fundación Atresmedia

Fundación Atresmedia and Singularity Experts work together to promote youth employability. The Sx Team provides counseling services related to high employability trainings and future jobs.