Contributing to a Better Society

Singularity Experts contributes directly and indirectly to 4 Sustainable Development Goals.

Quality Education

Singularity Experts promotes quality education through the recommendation of personalized, inclusive, and equitable training paths, fostering the promotion of learning opportunities for everyone and throughout life. It also includes free courses in all its recommendations, ensuring access to quality training for the entire population.

Reduced Inequalities

Singularity Experts' career guidance provides recommendations solely based on individuals' potential, thereby promoting effective equality in knowledge of training pathways and jobs with high employability, while also facilitating their integration into the workforce.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

All professional recommendations from Singularity Experts are updated to meet the real demands of the job market, thereby enhancing the employability of all its users. That's why we serve as an engine for economic and social development, helping to prepare individuals for stable and high-quality jobs.

Gender Equality

Singularity Experts is committed to the United Nations goal of achieving gender equality and empowering all girls and women. Through collaborations with projects like Girls4STEM, we promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) vocations among girls to cultivate their interest in these fields, which hold great promise for the future.