The most serious, rigorous, and comprehensive process in the market

Through a proven methodology, with guaranteed psychometric validity, we identify with unprecedented precision the studies and jobs with high employability that will suit each individual best.


1. The most comprehensive test in the market

You will take the most comprehensive battery of tests on the market for us to reliably identify your potential.

Measured traits:

  • Computational thinking
  • Verbal aptitude
  • Spatial aptitude
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Concentration aptitude
  • Attention aptitude
  • Numerical aptitude
  • Reasoning aptitude
  • Orthographic aptitude
  • General intelligence
  • Fluid intelligence
  • Crystallized intelligence
  • Personality
  • Competencies
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Professional interests
  • Values
  • Affinity for exponential technologies
  • Affinity for sectors
  • Personal interests
Laura Rojas-Marcos
Ph.D. in Clinical and Health Psychology

Singularity Experts' assessment model is supported by tests that have been designed and validated by renowned psychologists and researchers of international prestige. Therefore, the profiling of their tests has full psychometric validity.


2. The most useful report in the vocational guidance sector

You will receive a comprehensive report with information about yourself that you can't imagine, and most importantly, your recommended jobs and studies for the future. Discover what it contains:

1. Results of your assessment

  • Explanation of each of the tests performed and why they are used, so you can understand the psychometric validity of our tests
  • Scores obtained in each of the tests, with an explanation of each of the evaluated dimensions
  • Summary of your profile, detailing the implications for each of the recommended jobs and studies. So you understand why we recommend the options that are best suited for you.

2. Job recommendations

  • Detailed explanation of the jobs with a future that best fit you. Some of the jobs we recommend are traditional jobs and others are emerging jobs, so you may not be familiar with some of them. What we do guarantee is that they are all employable and a good fit for you.
  • Description of the tasks and functions you should perform in each job.
  • Updated data on employability and growth of the recommended jobs, so that you have no doubts about their professional opportunities.
  • Examples of these jobs in real companies, so you can see that there are already many people working in them.
  • Video testimonials from real professionals explaining their day-to-day work. So that you can get a tangible approach to the jobs we recommend.

3. Education recommendations

  • Recommendation of the studies that suit you best.
  • Each recommendation includes a complete training pathway, starting from the level of studies at which you have to decide: bachelor's degree + undergraduate or vocational training + master's or postgraduate degree + courses + MOOCs.

4. Useful links

  • In which university to study and cut-off scores
  • Everything you need to know about VET
  • Where, how and when to study VET
  • Discover Dual Vocational Training
  • Scholarship information
  • Coming to study in Spain
  • Orientation and new professions


You will also get a Blockchain certified badge!

If you are a professional, you can immediately share on LinkedIn and other social networks, your best skills and competences certified through blockchain technology . Let your future employers know your best profile certified by Singularity Experts!


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