Why do we offer you our strongest confidence?

Our solution is based on leading tests of the evaluation field, as well as on guaranteed high employability future jobs.

1. Psychometric reliability

We work with the evaluation tools commercialisation and editing leader, and renowned psychologists that have designed and supplied our system with complete psychometric validity. Schools, universities and companies have been using these methods for years, and they've proven by far the results we guarantee. We always show you your strengths and weaknesses after having in mind your studies, gender and the average of your age.

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2. Guaranteed employability

At Singularity Experts, we don't just speculate about the future, but we create it with you. Of the 3,000 future jobs we offer, 100% of them already exist by now. Their growth forecasts are documented by the leading worldwide institutions: World Economic Forum, McKinsey Global Institute, Gartner, etc. Our future jobs database is constantly updated upon the professional reality, which means we don't offer "flying taxi" jobs, but rather ones related to the "metaverse" and generative AIs. How fast each of them develop depends on the involved technology's maturity. But they all have one common thing: 100% of guaranteed employability.

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