Our philosophy

The technological revolution is transforming everything: companies, jobs, professional profiles. Robotisation's impact will completely reconfigure every workspace. Some jobs will disappear as new ones emerge, and we won't fit. It's not a forecast; it's already happening.

The market demands new languages like computer and humanistic, and robot-proof skills such as critical thinkingentrepreneurship, and creativity. We have a unique opportunity to change everything.

To enhance revolutionary professional profiles. To intertwine science and humanities. To customize and completely adapt everything for us. To our preferences. To our talent. Not the other way around.

Welcome to your future.

Jobs are changing

While 75 million jobs are disappearing, more then 133 million new ones are being created thanks to the technological impact.

Technology-related jobs

85% of the new jobs are directly or indirectly related to some type of technology, but only 26% of the Spanish students enroll in STEM careers.

Vocational Training employability

The average job placement rate for Vocational Training is around 70%, even though there are areas in which it's already 100%. However, only 31% of the students enroll in Vocational Training.

Jobs disappearance

65% of the tasks we get paid for will be automated, and only 9% of the adult population get a continuous training for learning new things.

We have a chance to anticipate

We are aware of the perfect storm that is coming and demanding robot-proof workers, which means experts in what robots cannot do. We believe that the future employment key lies in combining technical (STEM) and humanistic knowledge with soft skills as creativity and emotional intelligence. The more technology improves, the more human we must be.

Education is also changing

Studies are becoming more and more fluid, atomized, practical, and not always as regulated as before.

Creation of new degrees

Only during the last decade, more than 600 new degrees have been created. Most of them are still unknown for families and schools.

Vocational Training preference

Between now and 2030, the forecast is 65% of the new jobs in Spain will demand Vocational Training professionals.

MOOCs atomization

In the past 3 years alone, new MOOCs creation has increased by 70%. Now, the current offer is almost 20,000 courses.

The challenge: knowing ourselves in different ways

Most people don't know their full potential. Have you tried to measure your computational thinking? Are you aware of your fluid intelligence? Do you know if your abstraction is high or low? Do you even know what this means? Getting to know yourself it's not only about being good at Maths or being shy. At Singularity Experts, we believe you get to truly understand yourself when you're aware of the different personal aspects that have an influence on you in your work and everyday life. That's what makes you singular.

Our goal: personal fulfillment

When your job is something you're good at, you learn faster and even enjoy your tasks. Why do you think there are that many personal coaches? Or why are there foosballs in every company? It's simple: we try to patch up that we're not satisfied because we're not doing what we love. One of our aims at Singularity Experts is to help everyone enhance their skills and knowledge for them to be related to what truly makes them happy.

The greatest purpose: contributing to a better society

Singularity Experts directly contributes to two sustainable development goals: SDG 4, Quality Education, and SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth. It also indirectly impacts on two other goals: SDG 5, Gender Equality, and SDG 10, Reduced Inequalities.

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