The reality is that today, where our environment changes drastically, learning has become a lifelong continuous process in which, regardless of our main education, we will discover new interests and develop new skills and abilities. In addition, in order to obtain significant learning, it is essential to always be informed about the demand for new knowledge and technologies, a task that is not easy, precisely because of the many paths that new technologies open up.

In addition, we live in an increasingly globalized world where the offer and variety of new and unknown trainings is immense. Therefore, we have decided to launch this post where we will bring you 5 trainings that are increasingly important given the profile and knowledge of graduating students, which meet the expectations and demands of companies.


1. Degree in Experiential and Virtual Communication 

The Degree in Experiential and Virtual Communication focuses on aspects related to the creation and production of virtual reality, augmented reality, and similar technologies projects. 

This degree provides various competencies such as design, character or scenery modeling, as well as 3D animation and digital post-production of virtual or augmented projects. Therefore, this degree allows the acquisition of great creative capacity as well as organization skills to plan, select the necessary tools, and manage a specific production process based on the labor, commercial, social, and industrial context at hand. 

But... what exactly is experiential communication?

This type of communication involves simulating visual content through the appropriate environment we want to transport the user to, in order to recreate an ideal experience where they