One more year, the university entrance exam has become the most important moment for all those who have just finished 2nd of high school. Sleepless nights, uncertainty, and above all, doubts about the minimum grade required for the degree we want to choose. But... do we really know which degree we want to choose?


In Spain, we have more than 3000 degrees. Which one should I choose?

It's hard to believe, but the fragmentation of degrees in Spain has made the choice seem like a "mission impossible." That's why Singularity Experts was born, the breakthrough orientation platform, experts in recommending future jobs and academic paths to people who don't know what to work or study, confused by the speed of technology and the fragmentation of education. 

How do we do it? 

Through our Artificial Intelligence, which connects the 50 dimensions we evaluate for each student with the +3000 future jobs, generating connections between the millions of possible combinations and inferring the optimal ones for each profile. In this way, students not only have tools and information to make better decisions that lead them successfully towards their professional career, but we also bring them closer to jobs and studies they would have never heard of before, fully adapted to their interests and abilities. This is a unique and very innovative product, but not entirely new, as it is being successfully implemented in schools, universities, and companies, arousing great interest among the teaching and professional-vocational orientation ecosystem. 


What are the keys to our methodology? 


Unique profiling model 

Our profiling model is the only one that measures both traditionally evaluated skills and those required in future jobs. 

Only future jobs and training 

We are the only ones who have a catalog of +3000 future jobs and the training paths that prepare for them. Most of our jobs are generally unknown to people and career counselors, but they all already exist today and have a guaranteed high employability. 

Psychometric validity guaranteed 

Our analysis tools belong to the leader in the edition and commercialization of assessment instruments, they have been designed by renowned psychologists and have total psychometric validity. 

Safe investment 

Have you calculated the average cost of a person's total education? Did you know that in Spain, 1 in 3 students choose the wrong degree? Have you considered that a Singularity Experts Pack costs less than 0.5% of what a family will spend on their children's studies? 


Thousands of students have already gone through Singularity Experts! Get informed and let us help you.

Welcome to your future.