Use the summer to help your children decide their future

Summer has arrived, and with it, a perfect time for your teenagers to reflect on their academic and professional future. As parents, we know how difficult it can be to make a decision at this crucial stage. Did you know that 78% of Spanish students find it difficult to decide their future? In addition, many are leaning towards traditional professions that could disappear in the coming years.

That's why we recommend the book "Does your child still not know what to study?"


Our founder, Elena Ibáñez, has written an essential book that will help you guide your children through this crucial stage. With the Singularity Experts methodology, endorsed by thousands of students and awarded by leading guidance and education agents, this book offers a practical approach and based on four steps:

  1. Know Your Kids: What information do parents need to know about their children before recommending one set of studies or another?
  2. 21st Century Job Roles: Discover what these roles are through real professionals and how to identify your child's life purpose.
  3. Future technologies: What will be the main technologies they will have to work with.
  4. Jobs with a future: Identify the employability opportunities presented by the jobs of the future.

Elena Ibáñez, one of the leading experts in vocational guidance and employability in the context of technological transformation, shares numerous examples and suggestions to help your children avoid wrong choices, frustration and abandonment of training.

This summer, take the time to read this book and get ready to support your children in making the study decisions that will shape their future. Don't miss this opportunity to offer them a solid and well-informed guide!

Get your copy here and start building your children's future today!