The singularity is getting closer, mentioned in media and news, but... what is it really about? Technological singularity refers to the moment when artificial intelligence can improve itself in such a way that it can create machines or robots that surpass human intellectual capacity.

This turning point -expected by experts to happen by 2045- not only implies a technological revolution, but also a social one. And it forces us humans to rethink our skills and knowledge, in order to enhance those abilities that differentiate us from machines, such as ethics and creativity.

Technology, the center of our lives

In the coming years, technology will undergo drastic and disruptive changes, evolving faster than ever before and giving rise to branches of science, study, and jobs that a few years ago we couldn't imagine. In the 90s, no one could have imagined the disruption that mobile phones would cause; nowadays, there are more than 7.8 billion active SIM cards and it's almost impossible for us to remember what our lives were like when we didn't have the help of this device. The same will happen in the coming years with technologies such as quantum computing, synthetic biology, or robotics. The changes will be such that we will no longer distinguish between the real and the virtual, or the natural world from the artificial world.

The future of employment and education

This future, almost taken from a science fiction movie, is starting to become real and generating many doubts. What will my job be in a robotized future? Am I prepared enough to face a future job? What should I study to achieve my goals? Should I specialize in a technological or humanistic sector? All these questions reflect the changes that are happening, both in the field of education and in the world of work.

We are facing the growth of double degrees and specialized master's degrees. But we are also experiencing the explosion of MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, which are usually free, allowing people from all over the world to access training of all kinds and levels. Students are no longer just thinking about pursuing a university degree that only provides them with generic and punctual training. Increasingly, they choose to specialize in various fields on their own, training not only in academic areas, but also in soft skills and emotional intelligence.

These latter skills will be of special importance for future jobs. According to the World Economic Forum, new jobs will be changing, decentralized, collaborative, and more than half of them will be automated. The new jobs that these new technologies will create will be a challenge and a development opportunity for future workers. Therefore, versatility and differentiation from machines will be one of the keys to success in future employment.

In this context, Singularity Experts is born: a service with the vocation to help all those students and professionals who don't know what to study or work in, confused by the speed of technology and the atomization of education.

Welcome to your future.