Attention, students from Spain! 

The next school year, get ready for the exciting and renewed Baccalaureate! The Ministry of Education and Professional Training has already announced the important changes that have affected first-year Baccalaureate students, starting in the academic year 2022-2023, with changes also affecting second-year students for the following 2023-2024 academic year. In this article, we present the most important innovations of this new educational stage, so don't miss out!

One of the first things you should know is that Baccalaureate is divided into four modalities: Sciences and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Arts, and the new option General! What is special about this last one? Well, the General modality is designed for those students who want to have a more flexible and comprehensive education. It will allow you to choose subjects of your interest and preference, giving you the opportunity to personalize your educational experience.

In the first year of General Baccalaureate, students will have to take the subject of General Mathematics and will be able to choose two other subjects from the remaining modalities offered by their educational center. But be aware! Among the subjects offered by the Center, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Business Activity will be mandatory. In the second year, students in this modality will take General Sciences along with two more subjects from other modalities, including Cultural and Artistic Movements. This option will be ideal for those students who are still unsure about what they want to study or who wish to access higher vocational training from Baccalaureate, although it is important to mention that not all educational centers will offer the General modality from the beginning.

In addition, in response to the demands of the educational community, the options of Music and Performing Arts, as well as Plastic Arts, Image, and Design, within the Arts modality, will be reintroduced. This will give Arts students more opportunities to delve into their area of interest and improve their learning in both the plastic and scenic fields.

Regarding evaluation and qualification, teachers will be responsible for determining if students have achieved the competencies and objectives established during the course. Students will be able to move from first to second year of Baccalaureate with a maximum of two failed subjects, as long as they enroll in those subjects in the following year. Those who have passed all the subjects in the first and second years will obtain the Baccalaureate degree. However, it will be possible to obtain the degree with one failed subject under certain conditions.

We hope that this information will be useful to all of you who will soon have to choose the Baccalaureate modality. And if you have any doubts, you can always come to us, and we will help you choose with our Advanced Guidance, based on your preferences and your best abilities ;)

Thank you!