That training in cybersecurity is a safe bet, we already knew that. But that you can also learn from the best in 60 hours, in a fully online format, and come out with a great profile, is even more interesting. And it's because our friends from HackBySecurity have just launched a summer cybersecurity camp to guide and train anyone coming from the technological field in the area of cybersecurity.

In this Bootcamp, the fundamentals of Ethical Hacking will be taught to identify and exploit system vulnerabilities. And in a completely practical way, intrusion testing, service and application audits, network environment assessments, in Blue Team or Red Team teams or in the CISO cybersecurity bodies of a structure, will be carried out. Chema Alonso explains it in much more detail in a post on his blog where he recommends it.


Singularity Hackers is part of the Cybersecurity Bootcamp

And now comes what we like the most: Singularity Hackers is going to help all attendees of the cybersecurity bootcamp identify which area of ​​cybersecurity best suits their profile. As you know, Singularity Hackers is the only platform on the market that only guides towards jobs related to cybersecurity, through a proprietary artificial intelligence model. 

How do we know which cybersecurity profile is yours?

Through an assessment that identifies your best abilities in terms of intelligence, competences, computational thinking, professional interests, etc. Once your potential is identified, a match is made with your skills and interests. And it's because each cybersecurity job is associated with a unique combination of capabilities. For example, a researcher needs, among other things, analytical skills and a certain level of introversion; an analyst needs reasoning skills; cyberintelligence requires high fluid intelligence; software development requires high problem-solving skills, etc. In this way, by analyzing your 45 evaluated dimensions and the different future jobs in Cybersecurity, we identify the optimal ones for a person like you. In summary, the 3 jobs chosen for you respond to who you are in a unique and individual way: your type of intelligence combined with your personality, values, and professional interests.


The cybersecurity jobs of Singularity Experts have been developed and validated by the well-known Chema Alonso, the top Spanish expert in cybersecurity worldwide. In addition, the training paths for each job have been personally designed by him, so the training we propose is endorsed by one of the people who knows the most about cybersecurity in the world.


Thousands of professionals have already gone through Singularity Experts! 

Welcome to your future.