The Cybersecurity Expert will be the professional in charge of creating a comprehensive system of technologies that controls the digital security of companies and public organizations. Its main function will be to ensure the optimal implementation of security technologies, which will change depending on the protection needs of the company and the type of documents and data it deals with. It will search for vulnerabilities in the system in order to solve them and thus prevent external attacks. It will also help different departments to use the most appropriate cyber defense mechanisms to be protected, but also not to interrupt the proper functioning of other technologies or workflows.

The growth of the cybersecurity market has been unstoppable for years: according to Grand View Research it grows at a rate of 12% and by 2030 it will have reached 500 billion. The Incibe (National Cybersecurity Institute) states that, in Spain alone, more than 63,000 profiles of experts in computer security are needed, and it estimates that by 2024 there will be a need for 83,000. But the lack of orientation towards this job, among other reasons, already caused a gap of 24,119 workers in 2021. Not in vain, more than 40% of the companies analyzed by Incibe admit that, out of every 10 internal positions they fill in cybersecurity, only 2 have specific training or knowledge. LinkedIn has published the study "Empleos en auge 2023" that includes this job as one of the 25 professions that are growing the most in Spain. At the European level, the Global Information Security Workforce Study has estimated that out of all the jobs created in cybersecurity, 350,000 have not been filled due to lack of profiles, and, at the global level, Cybersecurity Ventures has calculated that the number of unfilled cybersecurity vacancies has increased by 350%. IT giants like Microsoft have created specialized divisions in cybersecurity, giving rise to tools such as Azure Sentinel, which protects companies and improves their efficiency through the use of Artificial Intelligence. The increase in digitalization in all companies, together with the growth of the cybersecurity market, will increase the demand for expert personnel in this field.

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems against theft or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data. This has become one of the major lines of defense for current companies. With the proliferation of cloud documents, protecting this sensitive and valuable data is one of the main concerns for companies, regardless of the sector they belong to. Even governments have developed cybersecurity departments within the Ministries of Defense, in order to prevent possible terrorist attacks by computer means. Having expert personnel who can detect and stop threats will be essential in the coming years, both for the public and private sectors.