The Expert in Process Optimization with Big Data is the professional in charge of optimizing the different work lines of the different departments of an entity thanks to the use of big data technology. They must have knowledge of the technology to interpret the data correctly, as well as understand how the collected data relates to the processes within the company. In this way, the main objective of this professional is to achieve process automation, reduce costs, and improve production. On the other hand, they will be responsible for analyzing the performance of automated systems and ensuring that they maintain the necessary quality standards for product marketing. They will provide support to the team in charge of defining the systems.

The growth of big data in recent years has been unstoppable, so much so that Statista predicts that the big data market will exceed 103 billion dollars in 2027. Currently, there are companies like FIWARE that are dedicated to helping other companies optimize their processes through the collection and analysis of their data. Coca-Cola, one of the most important beverage companies globally, has managed to optimize its manufacturing and distribution processes through the use of big data and artificial intelligence. To achieve a significant and lasting improvement in processes, whether industrial or service-related, companies must have experts in operations with big data.

Big data is the science that is dedicated to the massive processing and treatment of data. Due to the large volume of data (petabytes or exabytes from thousands of different sources) and its continuous growth, the treatment of this data is done with specific technologies and methodologies such as Hadoop. Within companies, the data is analyzed in order to measure the proper functioning of the processes within the company and detect areas for improvement. All departments are susceptible to improving their operations through the use of big data. For example, multinational Sony uses this technology to improve its customer service processes, while eBay fine-tunes its search process with the data collected from all its transactions. This trend of data usage has spread in recent years among large companies, but more and more medium and small companies are using their metrics to optimize their processes. To achieve this, companies must have professionals capable of organizing the processes.