The eHealth Project Manager is the professional in charge of providing conceptual support to companies interested in developing remote assistance projects. It is essential that they be experts in the sector, taking into account common practices and new trends, so that they can transfer their knowledge to both the teams in charge of functional definition and those in charge of development. While it is not necessary for them to be experts in a particular technology, they should understand how each of them is implemented in the performance of tasks in the sector, so that they can provide solutions in future projects.

According to a study conducted by Market Watch, eHealth will reach a value close to 160 billion dollars by the year 2024, with an annual growth of approximately 22%. A survey of over a hundred hospitals in the United States reveals a major change in the trend that telemedicine is experiencing: a few years ago, 83% of hospitals believed that their patients would not use telemedicine, but today, 75% of hospitals plan to implement a telemedicine department in the coming years. In Spain, the consolidation of telemedicine is a reality, being leaders in its use according to surveys by the Capterra platform. Because of this paradigm shift, and the proliferation of new technologies within the health field, it will be necessary to have specialists who advise companies on the best development of these technologies.

The field of eHealth is based on telemedicine, or remote medical assistance, which can range from a phone call to a surgery in which the doctor is operating from a different location than where the patient is. But also the area of eHealth also includes virtual medical records, information collected from mobile devices or patient wearables, or electronic prescriptions among others. This area of remote medical assistance is growing more and more, and currently includes the use of multiple technologies such as Big Data, IoT, 3D printing, among others. Such a complex system, involving various technologies and healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, among others, must have a figure in charge of project management and direction within medical institutions.


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