We are very proud to announce that our Advanced Guidance platform has been selected as a success story in the Observatory on Digital technologies in Career guidance for Youth (ODiCY)of the OECD. There are only 3 Spanish initiatives in this observatory, two of them are driven by the Bertelsmann Foundation (one of them MyWayPass, managed by Singularity Experts) and the 3rd one is us. This observatory offers freely accessible resources that gather information on the use of digital technologies in the academic and professional orientation of students. It aims to provide policy makers, educational institutions and guidance professionals with access to up-to-date practical examples and knowledge on the effective implementation and development of these technologies.


The OECD highlights the sophisticated algorithm that Singularity Experts has designed to make the job recommendations. In the words of ODiCY, "Singularity Experts significantly improves the effectiveness, efficiency and fairness of student career guidance in several key respects. For one, it values our customized recommendations on high-employability jobs and training options, addressing the critical problem of career uncertainty faced by many young people. In this way, he says, "users are equipped with the tools and information needed to make informed decisions, ultimately guiding them toward successful career paths."

ODiCY also values our jobs of the future: "Singularity Experts introduces students to a wide range of career options and educational pathways they would otherwise never have known about. These opportunities are not only diverse, but also carefully tailored to individual preferences and abilities, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience."

The OECD concludes: "This platform represents a unique and highly innovative approach to career guidance. Although innovative, it is not entirely new, having already proven successful in various educational institutions and workplaces. This success has sparked a great deal of interest in the education and employment sectors, highlighting its potential to transform the way students choose their career path."

Today, 4 years after the platform's birth, we have been privileged to have been able to help thousands of people. We are very proud of the inclusion in the OECD Guidance Observatory, and it encourages us even more if possible to keep improving day after day.


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