We are in luck! The Council of Ministers, at the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, has approved the creation of three specialized courses, eagerly awaited by all of us who are dedicated to guiding on what to study or work in. These are the training courses in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles, and Additive manufacturing.

And we say we are fortunate, because these are courses that train in future jobs and with very high employability. These three trainings complement the professional profiles of those who already have a Vocational Training degree and need to update themselves in the latest developments in these areas of work.

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Future Jobs: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles, and Additive manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence is the application of engineering and computer science that seeks to simulate human reasoning in machines or electronic devices. Due to its versatility and multiple uses, it is a technology that has had the potential to be used in a wide variety of areas, sectors, and tasks of different levels of complexity. In 2025, the Artificial Intelligence market will grow to approximately 59 billion dollars.

Rechargeable electric cars are the first step to adapt current vehicles to clean energies, but it will be a challenge for the industry to achieve 100% non-polluting cars with the same performance and comfort as polluting cars. In order to achieve this purpose, companies and research entities will need professionals specialized in renewable energy sources. According to a study carried out by McKinsey in 2020, it is estimated that more than 4.5 million electric vehicles will be sold worldwide, and Reportlinker predicts that the electric car market will exceed 567 billion dollars by 2025.

3D printing is a technique that allows the construction of solid three-dimensional physical objects by adding layers of material. With traditional methods of object manufacturing, the object to be modeled is obtained by removing excess material, while with this technology, only the material to be used is strictly used, which makes the process much more cost-effective. This technology offers numerous advantages over traditional manufacturing methods, as it helps to reduce production times and also allows for the production of fully customized objects at a much lower cost. MarketsandMarkets predicts that 3D printing will grow by 25% annually over the next 5 years, reaching a market size of 32 billion dollars in 2023. In 2018 alone, more than 500,000 3D printing machines were sold worldwide.

What can Singularity Experts do for you?

Through our Artificial Intelligence, we connect the 50 dimensions that we evaluate of each user with the +3000 future jobs, to tell you which is the best Vocational Training or degree for you. In this way, people not only have tools and information to make the best decision about what to study, but we also bring them closer to jobs and studies that they had never heard of before and that are totally adapted to their interests and abilities. This is a unique and very innovative product, but not entirely new, as it is being successfully implemented in schools, universities, and companies, arousing great interest among the teaching and career guidance ecosystem.

Thousands of students have already gone through Singularity Experts!

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