With Singularity Hackers you will know what cybersecurity profile is yours and how to train for it, in less than 4 hours and completely online.

The demand for professionals experts in the field of cybersecurity has skyrocketed in the last 6 years, with a 300% increase compared to the overall IT job market. The unemployment rate among cybersecurity professionals currently stands at 0%. But when we talk about cybersecurity, we are not only talking about hacking. There are numerous specializations whose tasks are carried out by professionals with very different profiles: CISO, Bug Bounty, Red Team, Cyberintelligence... That's why Singularity Experts has created, together with MyPublicInbox, the 1st platform in the market that identifies your ideal profile within the cybersecurity area and tells you the appropriate training to become a successful profile. Stop being recommended cybersecurity jobs that don't fit your profile!


What is Singularity Hackers about?

Through a rigorous battery of tests, the potential of each person related to cybersecurity is identified. For example, to be a Malware Analyst high computational thinking is needed, to be a Pentester above average reasoning is needed, to be an Exploiter you need to be in the high range of the population in fluid intelligence and to be a Red Team Specialist you need to have a high level of vigilance. These markers are what we will discover about you.

All the cybersecurity jobs at Singularity Experts have been developed and validated by Chema Alonso, one of the most renowned Spanish experts in cybersecurity worldwide, founder of Informática 64, ElevenPaths and 0xWord, recognized and successful companies in the field of computer security, hacking and cybersecurity. In addition, the training paths for each job have been designed based on his experience, so the training we propose is endorsed by professionals with extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity.

What does Singularity Hackers provide?

Once the tests are completed, you will receive a complete report with the results of the profile, and the 3 cybersecurity jobs that best match the identified potential. Each job is accompanied by a complete description to learn about the functions that will need to be performed, as well as the specific training paths that will qualify for those jobs. They include courses, books, talks by Chema Alonso as well as temps in MyPublicInbox to consult with the best experts completely free of charge.

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