Don't know what to study, but you love the digital world and technological products? Meet this job of the future: Digital Product Designer


Who is the Digital Product Designer?

It is the professional who is dedicated to the creation, development and maintenance of digital products. Although it is not essential, normally it is a person trained in a design career and must have a versatile profile that has technical knowledge in areas such as Service Design, UX or UI and that provides vision about the interaction with the client, their behavior and problem solving or needs. In addition to ensuring that a product looks good and works well, the Digital Product Designer will be responsible for analyzing the competition, defining the product's objective, where it will be marketed, on which platforms it will be available, its characteristics and the target audience.

What type of products does the Digital Product Designer create?

Digital products. This type of products are materials produced in digital format and distributed over the Internet. They are based on experience, with valuable content and whose main objective is to solve a problem or satisfy a user's need at a certain moment.

Moreover, digital products must allow interaction with users and be capable of being modified with the goal of improving the experience of the people who use them.

For any product to be successful in the digital market, it must be aligned with new technologies. Guides or manuals in PDF format, e-commerce platforms, e-books, autoresponders, webinars, monthly subscriptions to private communities, digitally-based software products (video games, for example), podcasts, etc., are some of the examples of Digital Product.

Why is this a job of the future?

The era of the digital business is developing at a frenetic pace and organizations must be able to respond quickly to market and technological changes. In 10 years, technological evolution will have transformed most of the products we currently use.

Digitalization spending will grow from the current 36% to 50% in 2023 according to IDC Research Spain. According to Forbes, the online knowledge market moves more than 300 million dollars daily, and that figure will rise to 1,000 million in 2025. According to insightSLICE, the digital content creation market is expected to reach a global size of 38.2 billion dollars by 2030.

All of these data reveal the potential of opportunities for professionals dedicated to the design of digital products, making this job one that promises better economic performance in the future and higher remuneration.

Some successful examples of digital products

The consulting project on conscious parenting, Niños de Ahora, has become one of the main references in the online Spanish-speaking world. Another example is the famous multi-platform application Spotify used for streaming music playback.

The global market size for digital product development and design services is expected to exceed 17 trillion US dollars by the end of 2026.


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