Many clients have been asking for it. After receiving the contracted guidance and discovering the effectiveness of the result, you were asking us, can we now expand the pack and opt for a broader guidance? We have good news because now you can do it: Singularity Experts is launching a new service through which, in a comfortable and simple way, you can choose to expand the received guidance at an advantageous price. Who is it aimed at?

  1. To those who purchased a Lite Pack, were satisfied with the result, but now wish to delve deeper into their profile to make more informed decisions. These individuals can expand their pack to the Advanced Pack or the Advanced Plus Pack, and thus obtain a complete profile of their potential.
  2. To those who purchased an Advanced Pack, and now wish to have a personalized session with a future employment expert who explains the results to them.


What are the benefits of the upgrade?

If you contract an upgrade, it will cost you less in total than if you contracted it expanded from the beginning. Why? Because we want to reward your trust. And we are so confident that you will be satisfied with our guidance, that we consider the expansion of the guidance service to be a given.


How to do the upgrade?

Very simple, you just have to click on "Expand your pack" in the menu of your private area. After choosing the pack to which you want to expand, you will have immediate access to the new functionalities.


Thousands of people have already gone through Singularity Experts to discover what to study or what to work in!

Welcome to your future.