We are excited to present the launch of four self-discovery tests that will change the way you plan your professional future. Let's meet them!


1. Soft Skills Test:

Strengthen your soft skills to achieve an unbeatable professional profile 🌟

Discover your key skills to succeed in your career. Knowing how you perform in the working world is essential. Are you an exceptional communicator? Are you great at teamwork? This test will tell you everything and give you a certificate to excel in interviews and career development.


2. Computational Thinking Test: 

Become a master programmer 💻


Wondering if you have the mindset of a programmer? Find out with our computational thinking test. Programming is the language of the future and this certificate is a ticket to a world full of digital opportunities!


3. Digital Competencies Test: 

Power your employability in the digital age 📱

In today's world, digital competencies are key. Discover your strengths and get a certificate that will impress employers and universities - don't get left behind in the digital revolution!


4. Career Interests Test: 

Find your path to success 🌐


Not sure what profession you're passionate about? Our career interest test will help you clarify your doubts. At the end, you will receive a list of professions that match your interests - your guide to a bright future!


Each of these tests will provide you with valuable information to make informed decisions about your professional future. Plus, you'll receive certificates that you can proudly display on your path to success. Are you ready to shine in your career? Start your journey with us right now! 🌟💼🚀 


Find out more on our self-awareness quiz page.


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