In our constant commitment to improve the quality guidance, we are pleased to share with you that from now on, our recommended jobs will include a video testimony from an expert professional in that job. In this way, in addition to all the information that we have been including in each job, such as the description of tasks and functions to be performed, the growth of demand, or examples in real companies, from now on this new valuable information to know first-hand the recommended work will also be included. 


These interesting videos are made by the Bertlesmann Foundation with the objective of awakening students' curiosity and interest in future professions, inspiring them to make decisions about degrees or vocational training. The interviews cover professionals of very different backgrounds, including a member of the Singularity Experts team. What they have in common is that they are all related to future jobs, and they share in the first person their experience in the same, what their work consists of, as well as other useful questions, such as their previous career path, how they got there, what their previous studies were, recommendations... The conversations can also be seen in the Inspiring Professionals section of the Bertlesmann Foundation website. 

At Singularity Experts, we are very happy and grateful to the Bertlesmann Foundation for allowing us to share these videos, as we believe that promoting the choice of future professions is key to improving people's employability. There is nothing better than hearing a computational linguist, a data scientist, a musician, a UX designer, or a researcher talk about the day-to-day of their interesting work!

We hope you like this new functionality. We are convinced of its usefulness in understanding the reality of future jobs in a closer way.