We received many people with different profiles at our booth, but all with one thing in common: the concern about academic training. Our small sign that says "Don't know what to study?" attracted students, parents, academic counselors, and education professionals, who were all looking for a solution to the evident confusion that we're all going through more and more. The educational offer is becoming more and more fragmented, offering more specialized degrees and courses, which makes it increasingly difficult for people to make a decision about what to study.

We were able to firsthand witness the impact that doubts about the future of education have on families: they all felt motivated to visit AULA in search of guidance for their children, although they still see the technological impact on employment as something distant and unrelated to their reality. It was very exciting to discover how singularity attracted some knowledgeable people, who, upon hearing what our solution is about, felt very identified and saw in it a truly differential value offer. Some others scanned the QR code to download our brochure as if it were science fiction.


A very positive note that we can take from the educational offer at the fair is that Vocational Training is having an important presence in the sector, with more immediate solutions for many people who want to start working as soon as possible. The destigmatization of trainings other than university degrees is a reality and more than ever demonstrates the need to adapt education to a new and different technological trend from the current one. Bootcamps, MOOCs, and unofficial trainings allow interested individuals to access all kinds of knowledge in a more direct way than the traditional one, something that we at Singularity Experts share and promote.


The large number of people who showed interest in receiving more information about our solution is an important indication of the need for academic guidance in the market. And it allows us to confirm that what we do at Singularity Experts provides great value to a growing need for guidance in this new world. Showing that each profile has its place in the jobs of the future, without the need to only adapt to a specific type of training, aroused great interest among attendees.

The future excites us, and that's why at Singularity Experts, we want to anticipate it. In order to help all those who don't know their place in the Future of Work. This has only been the first step to make ourselves known within the education sector, and we're convinced that we're going to make a lot of noise.