We have another great news!

We announce with great enthusiasm on our part something that we have been looking for a long time, and finally, we have achieved it. We have joined in collaboration with Talent Hackers to directly connect our clients, if they wish, with open positions for their type of profiles. In this way, we become the Official Recommender of Talent Hackers.

We have already explained in other articles that nowadays there is a huge labor transformation, with jobs that disappear due to automation and, at the same time, new ones emerge that in many cases are not even known, causing companies not to find suitable profiles to fill their positions. Not in vain, it is estimated that in Spain the situation will be particularly alarming, since there will be 2 million new qualified jobs that will remain unfilled due to lack of profiles. Therefore, an appropriate and effective guidance work, focused on future jobs, which we have been carrying out at Singularity Experts since 2019, is of vital importance.

Also born in 2019 within the Catenon group, Talent Hackers is the recruitment solution based on technology and data, with IT talent acquisition experts and a paid referral system, with which they manage to identify where the talent is located in order to reach it and attract it.

In this way, with the collaboration between Talent Hackers and Singularity Experts, we try to contribute to reducing the great imbalance between the demand for new jobs and the supply of talent, especially in the technological field, which we mentioned earlier, offering professionals job opportunities and the way to reach them. In Singularity Experts, our goal has always been to ensure the employability of our users, being the best way to connect profiles with certified skills from our platform, with the vacancies in the market where they fit best.

For us, being able to "close" the path of professional orientation with a placement is wonderful, and a dream come true.