What is Big Data?

Big Data is the science that is dedicated to the processing and massive treatment of data. Due to the large volume of data (petabytes or exabytes from thousands of different sources) and its continuous growth, this data is processed using specific technologies and methodologies such as Hadoop. The amount of data processed by companies continues to increase year after year, and it is almost always stored in the cloud, making it susceptible to cyber attacks. This is where the Data Security Analyst comes into play. Many companies have chosen to encrypt their data as a tool to protect it, but even with this solution, challenges still arise, such as protecting a company's transactional data in real time. Companies like IBM already have specialized divisions and services to address the security of massive data, such as IBM Security Guardium.

Companies must have Data Security Analysts capable of detecting flaws in data systems and knowing how to resolve them.


Who is in charge of Big Data security?

The Data Security Analyst is the professional responsible for analyzing data security within companies. They will know how to use tools and security software aimed at protecting data and will be able to detect if there are problems in a company's security systems. In addition, they will understand the sensitivity of each type of data and ensure that it is properly protected. Their main task will be to perform tests to monitor the state of security and solve any problems that may arise in advance.


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