Discover one of the best jobs of the future based on Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality consists of the creation of interactive experiences generated by computers, which represent a simulated environment, mainly representing visual and auditory information. The experiences presented to the user can be based on both fiction and the representation of real situations. 

The Association of eHealth Researchers (AIES) states that Virtual Reality is already an important part of the training plan for students and professionals in the health field. This is because virtual systems or environments have been created, in which a wide variety of medical scenarios and procedures are simulated, providing a more realistic experience and learning for both students and professionals. 

For this application and many others, the Health sector will have to have professionals who are experts in Virtual Reality, in order to provide all the benefits that this technology can offer to such a vital sector.

The Visual Designer of Virtual Reality for Medical Training and Simulation 

He is the professional in charge of building the virtual environments that will be used for the training of medical professionals. He must have great skill with the tools used for graphic design of virtual environments, in order to create scenarios that are faithful to reality, although it will not be necessary for him to be an expert in the technology. 

He will also need knowledge about the sector in order to understand what needs to be recreated and what are the most important points of each situation. He will design all kinds of elements of the environment, from the bodies of virtual patients to the equipment used to carry out procedures.

According to a study carried out by Transparency Market Research, Virtual Reality had a value of 148 million dollars in 2018, and it is estimated to reach 41 billion dollars by 2024, with an annual growth rate close to 90%.  If you want to have more information about studies, training, and the best career path for you, you can take our test and find the perfect future job for you. Click here and get more information.

Virtual Reality in Spain

The Virtual Reality State Map prepared by The App Date, estimates that 12% of the projects in the Health sector are already related to this technology. Projections like this suggest that Virtual Reality has arrived to stay in the healthcare field, which will continue to play a significant role in this sector, and in order for it to continue growing as estimated, experts in this technology with knowledge related to medicine will be needed to take advantage of all its benefits.