3D Printing is a technique that allows the construction of solid three-dimensional physical bodies by adding layers of material. With traditional methods of object manufacturing, the object is obtained by removing excess material, while with this technology only the necessary material is used, making the process much more efficient. In the field of medicine, it has increasingly more applications, one of them being the manufacturing of prosthetics for rehabilitation of injuries. One of the advantages offered by this technology is that it allows for the design of completely personalized prosthetics for the patient's needs and problems, which makes it much more effective and shortens the rehabilitation process.

The 3D Printing Technician for Rehabilitation Prosthetics is a professional expert in the use of 3D printing machines for the manufacturing of these personalized prosthetics. They must have knowledge primarily about this technology and about anatomy. It is important for them to have the ability to work in a team, as a large part of their time will be spent with specialists dedicated to the design and application of these types of techniques.

In the health sector, it is estimated that the market for medical devices manufactured using this technology will be worth 6 billion dollars in 2027, according to a study by Smithers Rapra. This demonstrates the impact that the technology will have on this sector. Currently, there are over 30 million people worldwide who have some limb amputated and do not have the resources to acquire a prosthesis. The cost reduction offered by 3D Printing technology will allow many of these people to have a prosthesis that replaces their amputated limb. In Spain, we have the example of the company Ayúdame3D, which, thanks to the solidarity use of technology, can now offer these collaboratively manufactured devices through 'makers' communities of 3D printer owners, to anyone in the world.

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