What is Fintech?

The term Fintech refers to the transformation that the financial sector is experiencing due to the use of new exponential technologies such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence. Through these new types of technologies, companies in the financial sector are able to extract greater value from their data and even obtain new sources of information. This allows banks to offer personalized financing options to each user's needs, offer low-cost international transfer services, new contactless payment methods, or launch new applications that help users better manage their personal finances. Any company in the financial sector that wants to maintain its position in the market must adapt to this new digital revolution, and for this, it must have professionals who are experts in new financial technologies. If you still do not know what to study or what to work in, this could be "your future job".

What does a Fintech Expert do?

The Fintech Expert will be the professional in charge of advising companies on the use of the opportunities that different technologies provide within the financial sector. This professional must have a deep knowledge of the sector to identify the opportunities that different technologies such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence can offer. They will have formal knowledge of different financial technologies to understand both the advantages and disadvantages as well as the optimal way to implement them in each case. The Fintech Expert responds to a very specific profile of professional, if you need guidance to know if this job would suit you or what you would have to study to train for it, contact us.

Why do we know that this job has a future?

According to KMPG, Fintech projects received over 100 billion dollars in financing in 2018, which represented a growth of 120% compared to the previous year. According to another report by MarketWatch, it is expected that the global Fintech market will reach a size of 300 billion dollars by 2023. In Spain, financial companies are starting to acquire smaller Fintech companies with the aim of accelerating their digital growth. For example, Banco Santander acquired the digital payment platform Ebury for 400 million euros, which helps SMEs with their internationalization.


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